With a variety of services available to you and your family, you're bound to find the perfect solution to meet your sleep needs. 

We do not want any family to put their sleep needs on the backburner for financial reasons. Contact us today to learn how you can make sleep a thing for your family on almost any budget.


While formal sleep training has proven to be highly effective, it's not always necessary. Oftentimes, sleep problems can be solved with simple changes to a child's schedule, environment, or activities.

In-home and/or phone consultations are available to address sleep needs that do not require a full sleep plan.

Not sure if you'd benefit from one off consultations or a full sleep plan? No problem! Your first consultation is absolutely FREE, and together we'll determine the best course of action to meet your needs!

Sleep Training Packages

Newborn Support

Individualized support for families and babies up to 4 months of age.

Baby Sleep Training

Customized sleep plans for babies 4-12 months of age.

Toddler Sleep and Behavior

Full sleep & behavior plans for toddlers over 12 months of age.

First Year Package

Set a strong sleep foundation for your child during his or her first year, beginning before your baby is even born!

This package makes the perfect gift for expecting parents! 

In order to be eligible to receive the First Year Package, the family must get started with services before the baby reaches the age of three months (adjusted).

Give the gift of sleep!

"My daughter was catnapping during the day and then falling asleep for the night so early that it was inconveniencing the rest of my family. In one phone consultation, Christina helped me get my daughter on a schedule that works for my whole family, and has her napping for longer stretches!"

-Abby, mom to JoJo and Kennie


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