First Year Package

An entire year of personalized support!

With this one year package, you'll receive:

  • Newborn sleep guide
  • Wake window guides by age and sample schedules.
  • Expert assistance setting up a sleep environment. For families local to the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania), in-home consultations can be requested for an additional fee of $100. Otherwise, virtual support is available.
  • 1:1 support via email, phone, and texts. This includes a monthly 15-20 minute phone consultation to discuss developments, progress, and struggles. You will also receive unlimited email and text support during the four month plan.
    • Monthly support will begin the month before your due date, and will continue until your baby reaches the adjusted age of year old.
  • Assistance with overcoming sleep regressions and developmental leaps.

You can purchase this package at any time prior to your baby's birth so that you can begin learning from the sleep guide and setting up an optimal sleep environment for your baby.


Base package: $800

In home consultation (available only to families local to the Lehigh Valley, PA): $100

Additional phone consultations: $30 each

Baby sleep plan: $300



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