Meet Your Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hi! My name is Christina Bell. I am the proud mama of two beautiful boys. My passion for baby sleep started when my oldest son hit the dreaded four month sleep regression. Not only was I wondering if I would ever sleep again, but I became extremely concerned about my son's growth and development given that he was not sleeping for longer than 45 minute stretches at a time, EVER. My grandmother always told me that babies grow while they sleep, which I now know to be true.

With degrees in Psychology/Child Development and Social Work, I spent my pre-children career working with families in the Social Work field. I left my career to build a family of my own, however my desire to help other families never went away. After becoming a parent, I quickly learned the importance of baby sleep and the impact it has on families and marriages. I've made it my goal to help as many families as I can get their sleep back on track so that they can live their best lives possible! 

My Philosophy

At Happy Little Dreamer, I focus on so much more than just sleep. I truly believe that a well-rested child is a happy child. I take a holistic approach to sleep, focusing on every aspect of a child's well being. I take into account your child's daytime routine, activity and stimulation, nutrition, behavior, and more, because I understand the impact that these different elements can have on a child's sleep.

Individualized Support

No two children are the same, and no two children have the same sleep needs.

Guaranteed Results

Most families begin seeing drastic results within the first 2-3 days of initiating their sleep plan.


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