Not sure what package your family would benefit from the most? Or maybe you just have some questions about your child's sleep, and don't actually need a full package. My phone consultations are available to offer you minimal support at your own convenience, either in addition to a sleep package or in place of one!

Establishing a daytime schedule

Oftentimes, solving your child's sleep problems us as simple as getting them on a consistent and age appropriate daytime schedule.

Dealing with sleep regressions

There's no greater joy than watching your child grow and learn. However, developmental milestones often bring with them sleep regressions. I'm here to help you navigate these regressions without allowing negative sleep habits to form.

Making the crib to bed transition

"My child climbed out of the crib but I'm not ready to move him to a toddler bed yet!"

Is this you? Do you see this day coming in the near future? I've got you covered. Let's discuss whether or not your child actually needs to make the transition now, and how to do it in the most seamless way possible.

Nap transitions

Has your baby suddenly started refusing naps? How do you know if it's a regression or if you need to make a schedule change? I'm here to help you figure it out and get your little one a daytime schedule that works for the whole family!


Phone Consultations   (approximately 15-20 minutes long)

$50 ($30 if purchased in addition to a sleep plan)

*Discounted rates are available to recurring clients

In-Home Consultations (approximately one hour long and only available to families local to the Lehigh Valley, PA))

$150 ($100 if purchased in addition to a sleep plan)


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